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Latest News

22 March 2012

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, located at two banks of Red River, North Delta area. Hanoi is 1000 years old with a long history,

31 July 2014

Unlike Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and most other Vietnamese cities, HUE somehow seems to have stood aside from the current economic frenzy and, despite

31 July 2014

Vung Tau is Ho Chi Minh City's closest beach resort, and can be reached by a picturesque hydrofoil ride down the Sài Gòn River or

31 July 2014

Mui Ne is a coastal resort town in Phan Thiet – the capital of Binh Thuan province, about 4 hours by bus Ho Chi Minh

31 July 2014

After only 50 minute flying from Ho Chi Minh City, you will set foot on the tropical paradise of Vietnam and the world: Phu Quoc

  • 22 March 2012
    Hanoi City
  • 31 July 2014
  • 31 July 2014
    Vung Tau
  • 31 July 2014
    Mui Ne
  • 31 July 2014
    Phu Quoc Island


5 safety tips to travel alone

5 safety tips to tra…


Normally, alone travellers are aware of its singular benefits, but such benefits can be blunted if you fail to make personal safety a priority. Here are 5 safety tips for...

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  • Love market in Sapa

    Love market in Sapa

    Sapa is the famous destination in the northwest Vietnam, opening the world of ethnic minorities' culture. One of distinctive cultural
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  • Hue Temple of Literature

    Temple of Literature is dedicated to memorising and worshiping Confucius, which is a popular practice in many Asian countries, such
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  • Dien Bien

    Dien Bien

    A province in north-western Vietnam, Dien Bien adjoins Lai Chau Province and Son La Province of Vietnam, Van Nam Province
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  • Ninh Binh

    Located on the Southern end of the Red River Delta, Ninh Binh is blessed with diverse topography of both mountainous
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